Wednesday, February 23, 2011

                  Title:    Fatal Infatuation: Volume 1 of the Venomous Vampire                         
                             ~ Almost Human series    
   Author: Melanie Nowak
                  Publisher: WoodWitchDame Publications
                  ISBN: 978-0982410288
                 Genre: Vampire Romance; Paranormal Romance; Thriller; Suspense
                 Pages: 252
                 Rating: 5 Blood Drops
                 Reviewed by Amy J Ramsey of Ramsey’s Reviews

After graduating from high school, Felicity is looking forward to beginning her new life away at college, and away from her small- town mundane existence. She wants to become a more social person, someone who does not hide within her shell around others. And what better place than college for her to do so? Felicity acquires a job at The DownTime Café and Bookstore and quickly makes friends with Ben, an employee at The DownTime and fellow student at the college. However, her adventure into independence is about to take a supernatural turn . . . for there is more at stake than her sociability.
                    Cain is a three-hundred-forty-year-old vampire who has chosen to live his life without killing humans and offers his knowledge to other vampires who wish to accept his ways. Unfortunately, some newly made vampires are wreaking havoc among the human population of this college town and the one making all the chaos is Sindy. She was a spoiled brat as a human and even more conniving as a vampire. Right now, she wants nothing more than to be claimed by Cain, but a human female has already caught his eye. Cain is infatuated with Felicity and will do anything to protect her, but will Sindy devise a plan to end the passionate connection developing between vampire and human? Or will Felicity and her new friends take matters into their own hands, to rid the town of the zombie-like creatures living there?

Fatal Infatuation is truly a “labor of love” dream, and this is just the beginning of the series for author Melanie Nowak. It’s evident that Melanie has put her heart in soul into creating vivid characters, detailed scenery, and an intricately designed plot, all which come together to make a beautiful and interesting love story between human and vampire. Not only does the reader acquire the sense the intense attraction and growing passion between Cain and Felicity, but Melanie also passed that same feeling onto all her characters. And the best part about this story is the unique twist Melanie has given the Vampires, hence the name Venomous Vampires. Almost Human: Fatal Infatuation Vol. 1, is beyond doubt a series to be read by anyone who is devoted to supernatural romance, and of course, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. ( And yes, I had to mention Buffy! =) ) Keep in mind, this is a planned series of successive trilogies, not stand-alone books. Each trilogy is meant to be read in order, as the story unfolds and the characters continue with each book. You will NOT be disappointed! A MUST READ!