Friday, October 7, 2011
Halloween Movies To Watch

Genre: Thriller/Horror
Carlos Ramos Jr.

Dean Cain, Stephen Colletti, Masiela Lusha, Johnathan "Lil J" McDaniels, Nick Hogan

As you know, I love horror/thriller books and movies. To keep with the Halloween theme I will be doing some movie reviews and recommendations this month. 

Horror/Thriller movie: Kill Katie Malone


College students and best friends Ginger Matheson, Jim Duncan, and Kyle "Dixie"Canning, pool their cash to buy a "ghost" in an online auction. The three think it's all a goof, but once they open up the antique box to examine their "treasure," they unleash the vengeful spirit of a young girl who has been wreaking havoc on her owners throughout the generations.

Kill Katie Malone will keep you on the edge of your seat struggling to keep the blanket from covering your eyes. This is a very exciting, freakishly horrific movie. Just to think someone could possible buy a possessed item on a site like ebay is eerie enough for me. I haven't seen a movie quite like this one before, so uniqueness is an A+ for me. The characters were believable and you had plenty of time to gain an attachment to the main characters. The plot was spot-on and did not deviate from the main subject line. All in all, this movie is a must watch for all those horror freaks like me out there, or even those who let loose for Halloween and want an adrenaline rush.


Anonymous said...

love this film! thanks for reviewing. Great director