Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Title: Blood Junky
Author: Stavros
Publisher's Add: www.crazyduckpress.com
ISBN: 9780982812112
Genre: Paranormal; Vampire
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Amy J Ramsey of Ramsey's Reviews

An intense journey of obsession and love that will leave you breathless! This premiere novel of the One Blood series was conceived as a single epic tale that spans the entire chronicle. Each book in the One Blood series is designed to reveal a deeper richly layered vision as mysteries build, characters evolve, and plots thicken. Blood Junky weaves through the consciousness of time, flawlessly incorporating historically accurate places, people, and events with meticulous detail and lyrical fiction, as it spins an intricate web of vivid memoir and struggling passions, giving this most beloved genre new pathos and myths from which any story can be told. 

Reading Blood Junky is like being tossed into the pages of the story itself. The author, Stavros, is the master of wrapping the reader into an emotional and realistic realm, leaving the reader eager to turn to the next page. Stavros has created a very unique realm where vampires and science fiction meet head-on. Purchasing Blood Junky and adding this book to anyone's book shelf is a must!!


S. said...

Great Book!