Friday, January 7, 2011

Author: Carol North
Publisher: Class Act Books
ISBN: 978-1-935048-69-5
Genre(s): Suspense, Romance, Contemporary
Reviewed by: Sue Roebuck
Stars: Five

Savannah Heat is so atmospheric that I could smell it, visualize it, and feel the heat. With the well-rounded, believable characters, the setting was perfect. The plot, packed with subtle suspense, allows the pace to gallop to a cracking climax and the humor had me laughing out-loud throughout.

The main character, Bisque, turns out to be a talented artist and it’s clear that Carol North knows what she’s talking about when she writes about the artist’s life, just as she is about Savannah’s way of life, which borders on the prim and proper. Bisque comes across initially as easily manipulated, first by her odious mother, then by her dead husband, and even by her daughter. Savannah Heat is a study in human nature. Bisque’s homophobia was disappointing, but I put it down to the culture.

It was a surprise when na├»ve Bisque gives herself wantonly to a new romance, described with wonderful euphemisms: “My petals were swollen …”. The man of her rapt attention is the Colonel, famous for dallying with younger women, so the question is: what is he doing with forty-odd Bisque? However, she’s too entranced by the worn crotch of his jeans to worry. Their lovemaking becomes hotter and sizzles as the pace quickens.

The suspense grows right up to the end and kept me fascinated. I believe Savannah Heat will satisfy everyone. It is such a well-balanced story with a touch of everything that it deserves a huge readership. I thoroughly recommend it.


Carol North said...

Hi Sue:
Thanks a million for the wonderful review of Savannah Heat. I greatly appreciate it.