Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Title: Pit-Stop
Author: Ben Larken
Publisher: LL-Publications
Publisher’s Address:
ISBN: 978-1-905091-12-6
Genre: Thriller
Rating: 5 Blood Drops
Reviewed by: Amy J. Ramsey-Ramsey’s Book Reviews

Scott Alders is a Highway Patrolman who monitors the long, dreary stretch of I-40 located in the desert of Arizona. After chasing a speeding car—a Honda Civic—Scott blacks out, and then regains consciousness in a diner – Pit-Stop Grill. A young man, Dustin, is the one who pulls Scott out of his trance-like state by his touch. It’s not long before both, Scott and Dustin, realize this is no ordinary diner and they—along with the rest— are trapped here due to their worldly ways, with nine other zoned-out patrons . . .  Waiting on the arrival of the tenth.

While waiting inside the diner, unable to escape, Scott and Dustin awaken the other wanderers, and they soon encounter the diner’s Waitress and learn of her hatred toward them all. The Waitress gloats over the coming bus . . . And the driver—Ramsey, who will take them all . . . To Hell. But is there some other kind of mystical, higher power at work in this purgatory—between heaven and hell—that they may use against the Reaper of Death—Ramsey? Or will their souls be collected for the Master of the Reaper . . . The devil himself?

For a first-time novel by Ben Larken, this read was fabulous! The Pit-Stop Grill is one of those rare books you will keep on your bookshelf to re-read . . . Forever. Ben Larken brought life to his characters—mentally and emotionally—and successfully maintained a fast-paced and intriguing plot to hold the readers’ attention throughout the entire story. I am amazed with the concept of this story; it truly adds a fresh new spin on what we usually think of when we say—purgatory. Thank you, Ben Larken, for creating such a unique tale to keep us readers entertained. This is a story I will never forget! I absolutely recommend reading the Pit-Stop Grill; it’s a story everyone will enjoy.