Saturday, January 8, 2011
Title: Pillar's Fall - The Legend of Pillar - Book One
Author: Ben Larken
Publisher: LL-Publications
Publisher's Website:
ISBN: 978-1-905091-87-4
Genre: Horror/Thriller/Series
Reviewed by: Amy J. Ramsey - Ramsey's Book Reviews
Rating: 4.5

Tom Pillar was content with his life as a Policeman. He was even content working as side-kick to his partner, Ross Meade, who was determined to become a detective-no matter what the cost. But when Tom Pillar first laid eyes on his now wife, Charlotte, he knew his life wouldn't be the same without her. He was truly blessed.

Then, the day came when Ross--who always had a selfish outlook on things--sets up a meeting with the seven-year-old son of a wacko terrorist with hopes of gaining his dream position. That's when Tom's life takes a dive for the worst. He tosses the small boy, wrapped in dynamite, from the Flux bridge. But the dynamite didn't detonate. . . .

One year later, Tom still hasn't forgiven himself for killing the boy; it's put a strain on his marriage. The tension rises when the ghost of the boy returns to deliver a message while at the same time another ghost appears to Tom, a man named Thatcher. There is a prophecy surrounding Tom Pillar-one he can't hide from or ignore. And it involves the life of a twelve-year-old boy, Seth Morrissey, who has been possessed by a demon bent on the destruction of the human world.

If you are weak of heart and/or stomach then this book might not be for you. But if you love horror, blood, gore, and a great paranormal mystery, then you need to read Pillar's Fall-Book One. This story is spine-chilling, entertaining, and just plain brilliant. Ben Larken has creatively thought-up a well-balanced story with the perfect blend of romance, horror, mystery and suspense. The only problem is: you have to wait for the next book.