Saturday, January 8, 2011
Title:  A Modern Day Witch Hunt
Author: Kiki Howell
Publisher: eXcessica publishing
ISBN: 9781448689644 print
Genre: Paranormal/Adult
Pages: 148 ebook
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Clarisa Cruz 

Luca was a watcher and an immortal. He was given a body to fulfill a very important
assignment. The mystical force field, known as The River of Light, was being affected
by an imbalance between positive and negative energy on Earth. He had to help restore that balance and look after Kamillia.

Kamillia was a fantasy author. She had mind-reading powers, which she kept to herself.
She also was a witch, but she did not know. Luca shows up at her doorstep to tell her the truth about herself and to protect her.Little did he know that once they confronted each other this strange connection was going to overwhelm them. There was going to be a strange familiarity and an unexplainable attraction, desire, lust.

Kamillia doesn't understand all that is happening. She is lusting for Luca.
Luca wants her too. She wants to find out the truth. But, what is the truth? Will she be able to handle it? Can she help Luca? Will he be able to restore the mystical force field? What will happen to them at the end?

This was a very good story. The plot was good enough to keep the reader's attention. The description of the characters was enough to understand them properly. The sex scenes were subtle, descriptive, yet not vulgar. I give it an over all rating of 5 stars.