Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Title: Faith Savage ~ Temptation; Prequel to the Faith Savage series
          Bonus Story
Author: K.A. M’Lady -
Publisher: MojoCastle Press, LLC
Genre: Paranormal/Adult
Rating: 5
Reviewed by: Amy J. Ramsey~Ramsey’s Reviews

Faith Savage ~ Temptation ~ Prequel to the Faith Savage Series:
Faith Savage is a Demon Hunteress; recruited by the “Powers That Be”, for whatever reason. Her job is to hunt down renegade Demons and drag them back to the gates of Hell, but it seems as though two rival angles: One of Light, Rafael, and the other of Darkness, Salvitor, has taken a personal interest in Faith. Both, angel and archangel are in the midst of feuding over who will date Faith first—err, more like seduce Faith. The only problem is Faith wonders if the Gods are using her to play their games, while the Angels and the Fallen Ones wage war upon each other and humankind.
(Review attached to Faith Savage ~ Book One)

Title: Faith Savage ~ Book One of the Demon Huntress series
Author: K.A. M’Lady -
Publisher: Mojocastle Press LLC
Genre: Paranormal/ Adult
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Amy J Ramsey-Ramsey’s Book Reviews

Demon Hunteress, Faith Savage, has been called in by Father Daniel to exorcize a demon–infested–hooker and return the demon to the depths of Hell. What stops her in her tracks is this particular demon is Salvitor; the Devil’s Henchman who stands over eight-foot tall, flesh redder than the depths of Hell, and he bears three heads. However, his other image, the one she prefers to think of, is something glorious to behold. And his laugh is what makes her insides tingle with each cascading chuckle he makes.

Salvitor wants a date with Faith, a chance to seduce her fair–and–square, or he will drag the hooker–soul straight to hell. Faith finds herself in the middle of another battle between the God-like angels of Light and Darkness. Is this a game, with her playing the part of a pawn? And why? Is there deceit in the eyes of the Holy and not so Holy? All that can be said is she needs to have faith, not only to make it through a war that is waging between Heaven and Hell, but the desire for an angel and an archangel.

K.A. M’Lady is a new author to me and she has done a fantastic job creating the realm in which Faith Savage exists. Faith Savage is a headstrong, kick butt, character that I instantly fell in love with. I enjoyed every minute of reading these two short stories and enjoyed every minute envisioning the divine angel, Rafael, and the sinfully luscious archangel, Salvitor.( J They can temp me anytime.) I am now addicted to K.A. M’Lady’s—Faith Savage series and look forward to her future installments.

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