Friday, November 19, 2010
Title: A Fistful of Rubbers
Author: Mark Jackman
Publisher: LL-Publications
ISBN: 978-1-905091-59-1
Genre: Paranormal Humor/Vampires
Pages: 415
Reviewed by Amy Ramsey of Ramsey's    Reviews
5 Blood Drops

A Fistful of Rubbers is the second installment to the Sid Tillsley Chronicles. The story picks up after the slaying of Sparle, an uncontrollable Vampire beast, which in turns leaves the Coalition suffering from disorder within their ranks. The fear of losing their precious Agreement between the Humans and the Vampires is constantly at risk, even more so, now that Reese Chambers has recruited Sid Tillsley as a Vampire Hunter.
But all is not right within the circle of misfit friends. Sid's beloved Miners Arm's Pub has been shut down due to the Coalition retaliating against Sid and Reese's Vampire extermination practices. Even with all the money, beer, and cigs, Sid still misses the best Bolton Beer ever made by Kev, the owner of the Miners Arm's. Plus, this vampire slaying thing seems more like work than Sid is used to and he yearns for his old life back, full with benefit check and the occasional odd jobs.
But while Sid, Brian, Arthur, and Peter, sit around wrecking the reputation of yet another bar to get their Bolton Beer fix, they are unaware of the revenge being plotted against them by Gunnar Ivansey AKA Campire. The psychotic vampire whose gonads were eradicated by Sid's great right hook. While Gunnar is suffering from built up testosterone, which sends him into a blackened state of rage and hatred, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, the Coalition is dealing with their own dysfunctions. There seems to be a traitor amongst the ranks, someone that knows about a secret project which will make all vampires and humans co-exist peacefully and threatens everything the vampire nations of old stand for.
It's up to Sid and his gang of misfits to stop the Campire from recruiting renegade vamps before they take over all the Pubs in Middlesbrough, but there is one thing that can stop Sid from using his gift of slaying vampires and that's ….them lot. Will Sid be able to build up enough ManEnergy to overtake his greatest fear and can the team of misfits conquer this new threat using their special powers gifted to them from the Bolton Beer; Sid with his strength, Brian with his cumapult, Arthur with his awesome karate moves, and Peter with his new vampire abilities.

A Fistful of Rubbers is a cleverishly crafted sequel to Jackman's “The Great Right Hope”. It contains everything a vampire reader wants; Action, Adventure, Humor, and most importantly, SHAGGING....(erm) slaying of all sorts. The ultimate Vampire Series!! Howay the Lads!! This is a definitely MUST read!

The First book in the series, The Great Right Hope, can be purchased here at LL-Publications.