Saturday, November 6, 2010
Where the Rain is Made
By keta diablo
Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
ISBN 978-1-936394-12-8
Genre- Time travel/ fantasy
Pages- 236

Rating 4.5
Reviewed by Nicola Ormerod - RBR Reviewer

The main characters are Francesca and Meko and we see Meko capture Francesca and her brother, Marsh, in a raid. She is taken back to their Indian camp and right from the offset there is sexual tension between them.
    What Cesca and the villagers don’t know is Meko is actually called Ethan, a time traveler sent back to aid his people in their war against the white soldiers.
 Cesca is torn, she can’t deny the attraction she has for this strange man, this savage, and as she learns more about the tribe, and its people, she begins to realize they aren’t the ones who are the savages.

I reviewed this book on request from, Keta Diablo, and when I read the synopsis, I admit, I did not think I would like it. I have never read a book centered on Indian culture or time traveling, but I have to admit, I was wrong and this is one of my favorite books I have reviewed.

The characters are well written and the romance between them and the tension is endearing. The language isn’t too harsh and the sex scenes where steamy, yet romantic.

 If I was being picky, and I mean really picky, I’d say the Indian names confused me sometimes, but that’s probably due more to my being forgetful. The ending was fabulous, with a little twist too.

I’d take a wild guess and say that the author, Keta, must love Indian culture because her passion for them comes across so strongly that I suspect it was more than just mere research.

I would recommend this book to anyone. I read mainly vamp and shifter books, so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself not wanting to put this book down. Because of this, I want to give the book a 4.5, a warm, endearing read that will appeal to any romantic, no matter what genre they prefer.

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Amy J Ramsey said...


This morning I received a Google alert on the video and I was thrilled to see one in action. What a unique idea. Although I admit to holding my breath until you got to the review part (lol).

Now I get to see the written review here. My heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation for taking time from your busy schedule (a vamp schedule at that) to read Where The Rain Is Made.

Yes, it is a book of my heart and I have a special affinity for the Native American people and the tragedies bestowed upon them by us.

So thanks again so much for reading and reviewing. Sending all good wishes your way that all your reads are wonderful!

My best, Keta