Friday, November 26, 2010
Title: Truth of Fire; Within the Circle series, book 1
Author: Abby Wood
Publisher: Breathless Press
Publisher's Address:
ISBN: 978-926771-75-5
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 22
Rating: 3 Blood Drops
Reviewed by: P.Q. Glisson
I enjoyed this book by Abby Wood, although I wouldn't call it a book exactly; more like a short story.
The pretense is three sisters: Carly, Bonnie, and Alexis, who are practicing witches. Bonnie and Alexis have gotten together and performed a powerful love spell for Carly, who has practically given up on finding true love.

The very next day, Carly meets the owner of the florist shop where she’s been working and the chemistry is immediate, and hot. Because he seems a little too perfect, she is concerned that he only wants her body, not her heart, so she runs straight away to her sisters.

They perform some ritual to prove it is true love, which reassures Carly, and she runs back into Max’s arms, ready to accept his affection and his love.

The love scene between Carly and Max was very steamy. I would recommend this story to anyone who likes stories laced with steamy sex.

The only problem I had with the story was that it was entirely too short. I would definitely read the next book in the series.
Here are more reviews for Truth of Fire by Abby Wood.
By Amanda
I don't normally read short stories, but I wanted to give it a try. I really enjoyed the book, I would like more background about the sisters, but that is just because I am used to novels. The story itself was good. It was an easy read. I could relate to Carly because she second guesses everything and just wants true love. I think the author kept me entertained and I would definitely read the next one. :)

By Yadkny
Carly is part of the Jacobson triplets who practice witchcraft. Carly is the skeptical triplet and questions the Goddesses that might or might not be listening to them. Her sisters are the belief system and confidence that Carly needs and are out to prove her wrong. The sisters cast a circle to ask the Goddesses for the love of a man for each of them and Carly will be the first of the triplets to receive hers. But will it be a true love and not just lust?

Ms. Wood presented a really creative storyline, although I felt it lacked the depth it needed to really get the story and characters across. The idea of triplet witch sisters casting a circle to find 'Mr. Right' held a lot of appeal to me, but the scenes between Carly and Max felt too rushed and would have been better developed and more believable had there been more pages. The personalities of the sisters were well established and the setting images were clearly presented. It was an enjoyable albeit quick read.

Recommended reading for fans of witchcraft laced with a quick romp in a flower shop.

I gave it a 2 (it was ok) out of 5 rating.
By April

I love to read short stories as well as novels so I realy enjoyed reading this story. I loved the bond the sister's have for each other. And I can relate to Carly when it comes to thinking twice before acting and knowing what she wants out of life and in a relationship.
Ms. Wood did an excellent job in pulling the reader into the story. I'm not normally a big fan of really hot sexual content. But, I do like some steamy senes as much as the next person.
I also loved the front cover of the book. It fit so well with the story.

So in all. I give it a 5 
I want to thank everyone who participated in Nicola's contest. All of the reviews were great. Keep up the good work!