Sunday, October 24, 2010
Title:  Rituals
Author:  Kiki Howell
Publisher:  Excessica Publishing
Genre:  Contemporary Erotic Romance/Wiccan
Reviewer:  Nefertari - RBR Reviewer

Rating:  5 Blood Drops

After leaving an emotionally abusive marriage, Maddie decides to participate in a Wiccan binding ceremony to symbolically let go of the past.  Her childhood friend Ryan leads her in the ceremony and they both soon find that along with letting go of the past, their eyes have been opened to a possible future with each other.  As they explore possibilities, they find that Maddie’s past has caught up with both of them…

“Rituals” is the first book I have ever read that had Wiccan ceremonies and/or rituals as part of the storyline.  I was immediately fascinated.  The story started off with the main characters, Maddie and Ryan, participating in a Wiccan ceremony, and at first I was a little confused.  But the confusion did not last long, and I was immediately engrossed in the ceremony, the binding ritual and the meanings in the rituals.  I could tell the author has done her research concerning Wiccan rites.  As a result of the author’s attention to detail and excellent writing, I would definitely love to read more of this author’s work as well as read other books along the line of this genre.

Now…I love a steamy love story…and, boy did “Rituals” deliver!!!  It wasn’t steamy, it was scorching!!!  Did I say scorching?  I meant blistering!!!  The love scenes with the bondage were explicit, and I loved them because of how the author tied (pun unintended!) it into Maddie’s past; essentially her foray into the world of bondage was a way to set her inhibitions free.  I loved it!!!  I also love when two best friends all of a sudden start to see each other with new eyes.  As the reader, I know they already have a solid foundation of love, the passion is just another layer.  This added credibility to the love story when they did fall in love.

Last, throw in the crazy ex-husband and I fell in love with “Rituals”!  I love a story where a devious, controlling, abusive ex-husband who gets his comeuppance!  “Rituals” has all the components I need in a love story to keep me glued to the pages:  love, lust, and suspense.  With the added benefit of a new genre that I see myself indulging in more in the future, you are looking at one happy reader!!!  “Rituals” is a must read!