Saturday, September 18, 2010
Winter Queen
By Aubrie Dionne
Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Genre- Fantasy
Pages- 19
Reviewed by Nicola Ormerod
Rating 4

The tale begins on a winters night and a small boy asking for a story from his mother. She suggests a couple but the small boy insists on his mother reading the story of the Winter Queen. The mother relents and begins. The Winter Queen is a woman scorned who has turned the land around her into a state of permanent winter. She guards a bridge to her kingdom's treasures and kills any man who tries to cross and steal them.
One day however, a lonely beggar man comes, he does not seek her kingdom's treasure, but can he melt her frozen heart?

This book was lovely and romantic. Nice to see an author that can capture the readers attention without any sex scenes what so ever, and this short ebook did that. A lovely little read for your lunch break or a short read before bed. The Queen's sadness and loneliness is wonderfully descriptive and Aubrie really puts the reader in the shoes of this poor woman who has given up everything for love only to have her heart broken.
I really enjoyed this little book and the ending was really heart warming.