Monday, September 20, 2010
Title:Eternal Desire
Author:  Roxanne Rhoads
ISBN: 978-1926704784
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Pages: 60
Reviewed by:  Rose Mesecher

Rating of 5 drops of blood

As Liz Beth travels around the world on paranormal cases she finds herself in New Orleans in time for the Halloween festivities.  Halloween is a wonderful time in New Orleans, it is like a second Mardi Gras where anything is possible.Walking the streets of the French Quarter remembering the stories from her Grandmother, Liz feels at home.  Suddenly, she finds herself a part of all the wonder and magic. 

Caught between two lovers, one of shadow and dreams the other a stranger.  Will she find out who they are and how they both affect her equally, or perhaps are they the same?  Dream lover and actual lover?  Can it be true, is her every desire and wish coming true in this wonderful place and time?

I have really enjoyed the world and story Roxanne paints.  This is a must read and I encourage you all to see how it leaves you.  I look forward to reading the rest and seeing what happens.