Friday, August 20, 2010
Title: Soul Searcher
Author: Kerri Nelson
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Genre: Paranormal/Erotic
Pages: 108/ ebook
Reviewed by Clarisa Cruz
Rating:  4

Faith Harper is a bartender and a photographer.  All of her life she's had a special ability:  recognizing people's soul by only looking at them.  One day while working a soul-less person, something she had never seen before, walks up to her and offers her a job.  She goes to the mountain to take some pictures which usually clears her mind.  Instead, she tripped over a dead body.  Running away, looses balance and is rescued by a handsome face, Chief Ranger C. C. Phillips.
Chase Comanche Philips is a man with a secret, a special ability.  He learns about her abilities and pays her a visit at the bar.  He warns her not to tell anyone about the dead body.  There is an attack at her house.  He saves her life.  Passion starts to grow between them, maybe even love.  Later she goes to the bar.  Something has happened, there is no music, no lights, she stumbles on something, she hears a moaning... What's wrong?  Is anyone dead?  Why is all this happening?   How can she help?  She has to make a decision that can change their lives for ever.
This was an interesting read.  The sex scenes were descriptive yet not vulgar.  This short story is easy to read without complicated wording.  Some really good emotional moments. The plot was good enough to get the readers attention and spikes interest in a sequel.  I give it an over all rating of 4 stars.