Sunday, August 22, 2010
Title:  Wind and Fire
Author:  Cheryl Landmark
Publisher:  Asylett Press
ISBN #:1-934337-69-2
Genre:  Fantasy
Reviewed by:  Nefertari
Rating:  5

Kidnapped in the middle of the night, and then saved by an unlikely rescuer, Tenya is embroiled in a journey to destroy an evil force that is consuming her world, Tellaron.  Along the way, Tenya discovers she is endowed with powers she never would have believed, finds friends and family in curious places, and discovers her destiny to save her world and new-found loved ones from an evil that would lay waste to everything she loves.

“Words create worlds.”  I heard a minister say this statement once, but he was speaking about confession.  Yet, this phrase is also more than appropriate when describing the author of Wind and Fire, Cheryl Landmark:  she creates worlds with her words. Wind and Fire captured my attention and my imagination immediately. From the first page, I was drawn into this story and transported to the mystical world of Tellaron where magic is real and a great evil had to be destroyed.  I was immediately steeped in larger-than-life and frightening monsters, page turning action, and heroes that I would follow into battle, if I carried a sword…and some kind of sword carrying skill…J

Each time the author described a person, animal, monster, place, or event I did not have to struggle to imagine it in my mind.  The descriptions were so vivid, it was as if she drew a picture for me and I could see it as the story unfolded.  The characters were in depth and had substance.  I knew the motivation that drove each character to act as they did, even if it was just blind devotion to an evil master.  The main character, Tenya, was likeable and relatable.  As the reader, I was invested in her journey to find her mother and master her, hither to unknown, powers.  I cheered for her each time she scored a victory, rejoiced with her when she reunited with her mother, and celebrated with her as she triumphed over evil at the end (spoiler alert, sorry!!!).  I was amazed at how much thought the author put into creating background stories for not only Tenya and the other characters, but for the whole world of Tellaron.

Wind and Fire is not just for readers who enjoy fantasy, it will appeal to lovers of all genres, which is the telling sign of a great book.  Cheryl Landmark has an excellent gift for creating and storytelling.  I cannot wait for her next novel, which will hopefully be another book about the people of Tellaron!  For anyone looking to escape to another world and enjoy the stay, welcome to the fertile imagination of Cheryl Landmark!!!