Sunday, September 21, 2008

Title: Hunted Mate
Author: Kari Thomas
Publisher: Black Lyon Publishing
Address: P.O. Box 567, Baker City, OR 97814
ISBN: 978-1-934912-03-4
Pages: 164
E-book Price: $6.00
Genre: Paranormal E-book
Reviewed by: Amy J Ramsey;
Rating: 4.5 Stars
An ancient prophecy was foretold by the Shifter Goddess Azina centuries ago and bestowed upon all of the shifter species. It contains vital information about future events of an impending war between Shifters and Humans. No one had insight on when the prediction would be fulfilled, except that it would take place some time in the 21st century. The prophecy predicted that Goddess Azina will claim a chosen one as her direct descendant, a female born bearing the mark of the Shifter Goddess. The chosen one will be raised and trained in the ways of the Goddess. When the time comes, the reigning Wolf Prince will claim the chosen one as his mate. After the union between them is consummated, then the powers that the chosen one inherits from the Goddess will also become his. Together they will possess absolute power to reign over the entire world of wolf clans and combine forces with the other shifter species.

The cat and wolf shifters are natural adversaries and for now, both shifter clans abide by a truce that will, sooner or later, end in war once the truce is retracted. Logan, Prince of the cat shifter clan, is a morally honest man who is best known for his brutal and unmerciful reputation. He’s been summoned by Damian, Prince of the wolf shifter clan, to repay a life-debt. During the meeting, Damian informs Logan that the prophecy has finally come to pass. Damian is the chosen wolf Prince and as collection for the debt, Logan’s job is to fetch the chosen one and bring her back to him. Her name is Tara Stuart, Logan is to guard her with his life and make sure no harm comes to her, since she is merely human; others are willing to kill Tara in order to claim the power for their own greed.

Tara knows her destiny; it was planned by the Goddess before she was born. Her parents have strictly prepared her for this event since birth, but her true desire is to lead a normal life and to marry a human man, that’s the reason for her ongoing rebellious behavior. Along with her exquisite features, Tara exhibits a kindhearted, compassionate and selfless manner. Unfortunately, the results of her rebellious acts have cost her everything; her family, her destiny and her faith. Unable to deal with her situation, Tara leaves home with few belongings and her rescued cat (which she almost ran over) to seek a new life elsewhere.

Unbeknownst to Tara, Logan is watching her every move. Neither of them knows that their fates would be forever changed, the moment he revealed his identity to her. Logan is caught in the midst of completing his obligation to Damian and his increasing passion for Tara. Will Logan be able to claim the one he loves or will he transport her into the arms of a stranger just to fulfill a prophecy? Will Tara be able to come to terms with marring a strange half man, half beast or will another wolf shifter attain her powers…..only the Goddess will know what their fates will be.
Hunted Mate is an immensely enjoyable read. Keri Thomas adds a fresh new twist to the realm of the shifter world. As a reader, I look forward to other tales involving Logan and Tara’s experiences. I recommend this e-book to anyone interested in the paranormal romance, shifters, fantasy and supernatural genres.

Kari Thomas was born and raised in FL, but now living in AZ. She was blessed with an over-active imagination and was destined to be a writer. Her first published story was serialized in the N. FT. Myers, FL Newspaper for seven weeks. Temptation Unleashed was first released in 2006. Hunted Mate was re-released June 2008. Upcoming books are “Seducing the Hero”, “Her Heart, His Soul”, and “Prey for the Wolf”. For more information regarding Author Kari Thomas, visit her website at