Thursday, December 4, 2008

Title: Tigress by the Tail
Author: Teresa D’Amario
Publisher: Tease Publishing
Publisher’s Add:
ISBN: 978-1-934678-34-3
Genre: Paranormal Adult E-book
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by: Amy J Ramsey;

Born into a family of wizards as the youngest, Lance has always experienced difficulty casting spells, and if by chance they did work, the spells often backfired. He eagerly waited for the time to come so he could follow his family’s tradition of becoming a member in a government organization, referred to as the GSA. The GSA is designed to protect the human race from creatures that should not exist. Through the GSA, Lance was under the impression that Shifters did not exist due to lack of proof, but when an absolutely gorgeous young lady with unusual orange and blonde striped hair and golden eyes tumbles into his arms, he finds himself instantly attracted and mysteriously connected to her.

Cassie and Lin have been best friends since childhood. Their human appearance is different as night and day, but both girls are harboring a similar and very dangerous secret. They co-exit among unsuspecting humans as Shifters. Only a few humans speculate the existence of supernatural creatures. For Cassie and Lin, the threat of what these humans might do to them and their species, if discovered, is an unimaginable nightmare. The girls have always found a way to stay out of trouble, until, an innocent celebration at a local bar turned into a night of desperation and terror.

Drugged, kidnapped and locked in a room of a dark and musty basement, the girls woke from their unconsciousness, fearing that the inevitable had occurred. Fortunately, for them their captors were a bunch of amateur Satanist who were intent on sacrificing a virgin to their demon God, Lucifer, and therefore, not aware of Cassie and Lin’s secret. Shifters possess supernatural powers and, within minutes, Cassie had effortlessly torn down the door, and both girls were on their way to freedom, until they were seen. While fleeing from their enemy, Cassie crashed into Lance, and pleaded for his help. Cassie was unaware that Lance was on his first solo undercover mission sent by the GSA.

The bazaar connection each other sensed was undeniably intense. Cassie had the strange urge to protect Lance, something she had never experienced toward humans before, until now. Could they be “true mates”, even if he is human and they shared the ability to communicate in each others minds? Cassie is left to wonder if her father will let him live, since now he knows her deepest, darkest secret, which is forbidden in her society and punishable by death. If Lance is spared death, will he be able to overcome the promise he made to his dying mother years ago?

In the midst of all the emotional turmoil, Lance is unaware that the Organization he is devoted to, has targeted Cassie. Will he be able to save her before she becomes their next science experiment or will his pride get in the way and make him loose the only “true mate” he was meant to claim?

Tigress by the Tail is an interesting and entertaining tale. Mrs. D’Amario has the ability to propel her readers into a realm of imagination that will captivate and enchant readers of this genre. She portrays realistic characterizations, along with a swiftly flowing plot. I personally enjoyed this tale and read it several times over. I would be highly interested in reading additional stories about Cassie and Lance’s endeavors in the future. I recommend this e-book to any reader who appeals to the adult, supernatural, paranormal, and romance genre.

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