Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Title: Chasing Booty
Author: Shannon Leigh
Publisher: Amber Quill Press; http://www.amberquill.com/
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction, Futuristic Romance, Adult e-book
ISBN: 978-1-60272-267-5
Page Count: 91
Reviewed by: Amy J Ramsey; www.trinagon.blogspot.com
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Working in a profession mostly populated by males, Gaelyn is one of the few female bounty hunters for hire among both humans and aliens. Her family’s lineage is tracking bounties, so hunting is in her blood. Gaelyn is a skilled hunter and takes her contracts seriously. She is known as being self-confident, arrogant, fearless and unyielding.

After winning her own space ship from a poker match, Gaelyn has become a highly sought after and wealthy woman. There is only one other hunter that she views as a rival, Reese, a Trondite from Sor-Trondalag. Reese is extremely clever and gorgeous; he resembles the devil himself, with his seductive features, long black hair, onyx eyes, lean muscular build and red skin, not to mention his horns and barbed tail. She fantasizes about body, but in reality, she despises him for cheating her out of several contracts and potential profits.

Gaelyn is in pursuit of her latest contract; a murderous, reptilian creature named Gagmar, who has the ability to change his scaled-skin to blend into his surroundings. She purposely deflected her opponent, Reese, from their adversary’s trail, which gave her an opportunity to pursue the most recent lead on the ice planet of Quaoar. Upon arrival on the planet and securing her ship and lodging, Gaelyn proceeded with her investigation to locate Gagmar.

During a conversation with a bartender, Gaelyn happens to notice her target lurking nearby, but soon after giving chase, Gagmar disappeared. The bartender points Gaelyn in the direction of a cloaked man sitting at a table in the bar. He would be the one to guide her to the ice tunnels, more than likely, that’s where Gagmar is hiding. Unfortunately, when she approached the cloaked man and he reveals himself to her, she is furious to find out that it is Reese in disguise.

Gaelyn is perplexed about the situation with Reese. She wonders what trickery he is up to, is he trying to deceive her again? The clock is ticking and time is running out, she has to find Gagmar before he escapes on another ship and leaves this planet. She dose not have time to bargain with Reese, especially with her feelings of disdain and hate towards him, yet at the same time, an intense yearning of desire for him.

Chasing Booty is an interesting read. The characters are entertaining and the plot will keep the reader intrigued and wanting more. Shannon Leigh is a wonderful and talented writer with a wild imagination. I would recommend this e-book to any reader that has an interest in erotic paranormal, romance, sci-fi and futuristic genres.