Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Title: Erotikos
Author: Shannon Leigh
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 978-1-60272-217-0
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 109
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by: Amy J Ramsey;

Renee and her two friends, Candi, and Mina, were having a long over due "girls night in" slumber party. There plan for the night was to have lots of drinking, gossiping about the men in their lives, playing a board game and maybe (if they aren’t passed out by then) a movie. When Mina arrived at the party, she handed Renee a bottle of alcohol and an unusual board game named Erotikos, where women’s fantasy’s become reality. Renee was startled when an image appeared in the mirrored circle of the box, like it was responding to her touch. She had an odd feeling about this, but dismissed it and considered it just another board game.

Upon further inspection of the game and the contents in the box, the three women were amazed by the detailed artwork of the pewter figurines and the images drawn on the sides of the game board. There were eight realistic looking male characters, seductively drawn into four groups; Indian/Cowboy, Mermaid/Selkie, Vampire/Werewolf, and Business man/ Construction worker. The game pieces also matched the characters. The three of them picked out their playing pieces; Renee was enticed with the Indian, Mina desired the Vampire and with lust filled eyes, Candi chose the Selkie.

The game promised their most intimate desires would be fulfilled and plenty of adventures to be had, roll the dice, pick a card, and in order to return home, complete their task. When they rolled the dice and agreed to their task, all three friends found themselves sucked into the game, face to face with the gorgeous characters they chose. Will they be able to complete their task in order to return home or have they entered a realm where demons exist, whose intent is other than fulfilling their wildest dreams?

Erotikos is an immensely pleasurable read. Shannon Leigh did wonders forming the plot and the characters are lasciviously depicted. I would definitely recommend this story to any reader interested in erotic paranormal romance, shape shifter and vampire genres.

Shannon Leigh is a practicing registered nurse who graduated with a BSN, RN from the Indiana University School of nursing in May of 1996. She lives in Indiana with her four sons, two dogs and a cat. Shannon tries to dedicate a couple of hours every day to writing. Along with other romance genres, Shannon enjoys reading suspense, fantasy and horror, but paranormal fiction remains her favorite. Her second novel, More Than Prophecy, is a paranormal romance involving interplanetary travel to a world known as Zander, and was released from Amber Quill Press in January 2005. She’s currently working on the sequel, When Destiny Summons.

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