Saturday, January 30, 2010
Title: Haunted Destiny
Author: Kelly Abell 
Publisher: Hearts on Fire Books
Publishers’ Address:
ISBN:  978-1449512347
Genre:  Paranormal
Pages:  400
Reviewed By: Amy J Ramsey/Ramsey’s Reviews/
Rating: 5 Stars

Up to now Destiny’s life as a teenager has been a happy one; she has a nice home, lots of friends and she’s even a cheerleader in school, until the horrible day a car accident claimed the lives of her parents and baby brother. Not only is Destiny grief-stricken and guilt-ridden, her life as she knew it is gone. Suffering from a reoccurring nightmare of her mothers’ decapitated head screaming at her to save her brother, Destiny wakes up to face her new life; an unfamiliar town, no friends and living in a trailer with a bizarre grandmother she knows nothing about. You would think life couldn’t get more complicated for Destiny, right? But it does.
When Destiny meets Amy and her boyfriend, Jake, she hopes to become friends with ease, but right away Destiny notices that Amy has no intentions of befriending her; she’s too worried that Destiny will steal her boyfriend. But Jake, on the other hand, is determined to make Destiny his friend, no matter what. Destiny is miserable living in the town of Arcadia. She learns that some of the townspeople think that her Grandmother is a witch because she’s the owner of The Mystic Cat Bookstore and Palm Reading business in town, plus she can see and talk to ghosts. What Destiny never expected was gaining this “gift”, as her Grandmother calls it. It’s also the reason her Mother severed connections with her Grandmother, turning her back on the ability to help ghosts who are stuck in limbo and also the grieving families seeking closure.
Will Destiny be able to embrace her newly acquired “gift” and accept her calling as a Ghost Whisperer? Or will she follow her Mother’s path, tuning out the otherworldly cries for help that’s haunting her? Destiny will soon have to make a choice when she encounters an evil entity that is hell bent on destroying Amy and her entire family.
Haunted Destiny is truly a keeper. This amazing page-turner will enchant the reader until the very last page. Kelly Abell has superbly created a fascinating world with vivid characterization, impressive verbal imagery, and an unwavering plot. The emotions exuding from Destiny is heartfelt and sincere and the frustration dealing with Amy is tense and aggravating. Kelly Abell has, in fact, captured the true nature of a teenager experiencing the traumatic event of losing her entire family and having to settle into an unfamiliar new world. This book will absolutely be added to my shelf of books to save and will be recommended to all my readers no matter what genre. Kudos to you Kelly Abell!!