Saturday, January 15, 2011
Title: Catch A Killer By The Toe
Author: Pete Peterson
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Mystery/Romance
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Amy J. Ramsey – Ramsey’s Book Reviews

It’s the 1800’s, gold has been discovered in the boom-town of Fair Play, Colorado, and with it brings the fortune seekers, ruffians, gamblers, and prostitutes, all looking for their opportunity to hit it big. For the Law-dogs of Fair Play, Marshall Sam Catlin and his new Deputy, Rome Warfield, things have been somewhat quite until a series of killings and thievery disrupted this easy-going miner’s town. Deputy Rome—who Sam sought after when news spread of Rome’s ability to shoot down some ruffians that attempted to rob his ore wagon—has become smitten with a pretty young lady, but since her father was one of the four murdered victims, he’s incapable of consoling her, making it harder for them to grow closer. As time goes on, the pieces of the puzzle start coming together for Deputy Rome. But will he be able to find the murder, solve the case, and win the Lady of his heart’s desire before the murderer kills another innocent . . . or even him?

Even though To Catch A Killer by the Toe is a short read, it’s brimming with mystery and sweet romance of old. I enjoyed delving into this tale and the twisted ending was spectacular. The author, Pete Peterson, successfully created an enticing story in such a short time I was amazed. The characters popped out from the beginning, and it was easy to acquire an emotional attachment in just a few pages. The storyline flowed perfectly and stayed true-to-life. I usually don’t read Westerns, but I am sure glad I read this one. Thanks Pete Peterson for the enjoyable read!