Monday, October 25, 2010
Title:  Shadow Hunter
Author:  Kara Wills
Publisher:  BookStrand
ISBN 10: 1606014064
ISBN: 978-1606014066 Print version from
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Reviewer:  Nefertari - RBR Reviewer
Rating:  5 Blood Drops

Julian is known as the Shadow Hunter, an elusive figure who is called a vigilante, a dealer of justice, and an assassin...he is all three.  In revenge for non-payment of a job, Julian kidnaps Clara but this job does not go as planned.  Passion and then love makes his original plan more complicated.  When Clara’s life is in danger Julian must use all of his formidable skills to save Clara and find a love that has eluded him for centuries…

Every once in a while I will find a book that is so romantic, that it stays in my mind long after I have read the last words on the last page.  Shadow Hunter is one of these books.  This is an honest-to-goodness romance story that even the most jaded reader will not be able to resist!  The author mixed just  the right amount of suspense, action, love, and eroticism in Shadow Hunter.  There is the spirited heroine, the mysterious (and sigh, vulnerable) hero, the psychotic villain, and most importantly, a plot that makes sense!

Julian kidnaps Clara on the eve of her honeymoon to Chris, a maniacal drug dealer who has pulled the wool over Clara’s eyes by convincing her he is a legitimate businessman who cares for her.  However, soon enough Clara comes to realize two things:  Julian saved her from a miserable marriage and horrible fate, and that she has fallen in love with her kidnapper and rescuer.  However, Chris now has to get rid of Julian and Clara because they both know too much about his business and this leads to a breath-taking cat and mouse game where Julian’s considerable powers save their lives time and time again.  What is awesome is the reader is along for this exhilarating ride every step of the way!

Aside from the action, I loved how Julian loved Clara!  I must admit I caught myself sighing on a number of occasions…his passion for her made me a total marshmallow!!!  Okay, yes, I would have liked more sex scenes in the book.  The author spent a lot of time building up the sexual tension and I would have just liked to read more culminations of it.  That being said, the passion was still there, the romance was obvious, and at the end of the book I am a happy reader and that’s what’s important, right?

I would definitely rate Shadow Hunter as a “must read”!  So readers, remember you heard it here first:  Shadow Hunter will satisfy your craving for suspense, action, and ROMANCE!!!