Wednesday, October 20, 2010
A Halloween Collection Anthology: Stimulating

Karen Michelle Nutt
The Curse of Tempest Gate
Victory Tales Press
ISBN: 1453818758
Paranormal Romance

Rating: 5 Blood Drops

Pages: 54
                                      Reviewed by Amy Ramsey

When Clarity Shaw arrived at the Tempest Gate Hotel in Salem, New Hampshire, all she expected to do was research and report on the mysterious happenings behind the legend of The Curse of the Tempest Gate Cemetery. Clarity has a particular interest in this legend since it was supposed to involve one of her distant ancestors'. While checking into the Hotel, Clarity is told of some interesting tales surrounding the history of the cemetery and it's superstitions. Hazel, the Hotel's receptionist, recalls a sense of familiarity toward Clarity, but is unable to place what it is.

With persuasion from Hazel and warnings from Mr. Donner, Clarity sets out to complete her investigation and bring truth to her readers, for she is a reporter of a paranormal magazine company. Entering the cemetery, Clarity wanders the grounds until she comes to a stone effigy of an archangel. Noticing the remarkable realistic nature of the stone effigy, Clarity is bewitched by it's handsome, yet sincere features and feels some attachment to it. Shocked at her thoughts, she backs into the the Devil's Chair, another stone effigy..... and the cause for her investigation.

Setting upon the Devil's Chair, Clarity wakes up the supernatural being lurking within it's stone prison and at the same time, when otherworldly beings can mingle with mortals on All Hallow's Eve, the effigy of the archangel, Michael comes to life. Determined to break the curse her ancestor bestowed upon two men centuries ago, Clarity finds herself in the middle of a reoccurring battle to the death between good and evil and a love that has withstood time itself. Will she be able to breaks it's curse for good and send evil back to where it belongs or is history meant to repeat itself time and time again?

In all my years of reading I have never come across a story written like this one. The Curse of Tempest Gate is like finding a needle in a haystack. As I came to the end this fantastic tale, I was left with a tear in my eye and a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. Karen Michelle Nutt is truly gifted in her craft of weaving a tale. She has wrote some amazing stories, but this one is now, above and beyond, my favorite. I love the story line which flowed swiftly and smoothly throughout the story. The characters and background settings were perfectly blended to give the reader the sense of realism towards the events and emotions depicted. I could visualize the aura of good surrounding Michael, the archangel, as well as seeing in my minds eye the evil emanating from the Devil's Chair and Samael. My thanks goes out to Karen Michelle Nutt for allowing me to experience her unique realm of Angels. Karen's creative tales always make me want to read more from her and I have not yet been disappointed. THANK YOU KAREN!!!

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Karen Michelle Nutt
Cheryl Pierson
Laura Shinn
Rebecca J. Vickery