Saturday, August 29, 2009
Title:  To Tempt the Wolf totemptwolf.jpg.w180h295
Author:  Terry Spear
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publisher’s Address:
ISBN:  978-1-4022
Genre:  Paranormal, Shape shifter, Romance, Adult
Pages:  409
Reviewed By: Amy J Ramsey/Ramsey’s Reviews/
Rating:  4.5
As a professional photographer, Tessa Anderson is obsessed with photographing wolves. When a raging wildfire is reported in California, Tessa braves the fiery inferno to photograph nature during one of its deadliest moments. Everything was going smoothly until she’s attacked by an enraged wolf. Barely escaping the terrifying encounter, she notices the wolf’s unusual behavior, it seemed different compared to others of its kind, but being pressed for time, she considered the animal rabid. The only thing on Tessa’s mind is hiring a private investigator to get her brother, Michael, out of jail for a murder he did not commit. When she stumbles upon an unconscious, GOD-like hunk of a man, lying naked on the beach, her life begins to make a turn for the worst. Not only does the strange man, Hunter, have amnesia, but Tessa has a stalker that’s breaking into her house and her electricity is out, due to the oncoming of an ice storm.
Hunter is Alpha of a pack of shape shifting grey werewolves. He and his twin sister are in the process of evacuating California due to the wildfire. In hopes of reuniting with the rest of their pack members, Hunter and his obstinate sister, Meara, relocate to their Uncle’s house in Oregon.  Before their Uncle retires to Florida, leaving them the house, he warns Hunter of the nosey neighbor, Tessa Anderson, who likes to roam around their property taking pictures and the potential danger of revealing what they are. After Hunter scents several male werewolves in the area, he returns home to find that his sister has been kidnapped and his attempt at saving her has literally lead him off a cliff.
Now in the arms of a beautiful redhead, Hunter is only aware of his werewolf abilities and his promise to help Tessa solve her brother’s case, proving that Michael is innocent, As their growing attraction develops, Tessa‘s fear of Hunter leaving increases, but without his protection she would become the stalker’s next victim. Will Hunter be able to regain his memory, before his sister and the woman he loves is claimed by another?
To Tempt the Wolf is an extremely enjoyable and fascinating read. I am impressed with the way Spears has added her own unique twist, mixing it into the realm of shape shifters. She has successfully achieved creating a story that the reader will become absorbed in. The characters are wrote exuding life-like characteristics, the background is full of vivid description, making it easy for the reader to visualize and the plot was perfectly blended, keeping the reader guessing till the end.  I am left satisfied and anticipate Terry Spears next book. This book is recommended to any readers who have a taste for the Paranormal, Supernatural, Shape Shifter and Romance genres.