Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Title: A Celtic Lover’s MagicCeltic_Lovers_Magic_medium_2
Author: Lisa Alexander Griffin
Publisher: Freya’s Bower
Publisher’s Address:
ISBN: FBE0000151
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 27
Reviewed By: Amy J Ramsey/Ramsey’s Reviews/
Rating: 5 Stars
Liam Macauley had no indication of his family’s heritage, until Brennan Finney, a lawyer, contacted him with news of an inheritance, left to him by an unknown Uncle. As the last living descendant of the Macaula line, Liam is now the sole owner of a thousand acres and a mansion in Ireland.  Expecting a modern day mansion. Liam was shocked when he gazed upon a massive, old stone keep, known as the Macaula Mansion; it even had its own moat and drawbridge. Wondering what he had gotten himself into, Liam set forth to inspect his ancestral home. Within moments of entering through the gothic doors, he had an overwhelming sense of familiarity, but it wasn’t until a beautiful woman, who flickered into view at twilight, that made him question his sanity.
Ireland is known for many age-old secrets, hidden within its history of folklore, that are unfathomable to the minds of mortals. For centuries, the sidhe have existed, being able to flicker between worlds at twilight. Unbeknownst to Liam, Caileaan has watched and waited for his return in order to fulfill the prophecy of the Tuatha De Danann and pledge anew, to protect the sidhe and their secrets from the evil Famhoire, who wish to destroy the fragile bond between mortals and sidhe.  Will Liam be able to accept his destiny and become the great warrior he is meant to be, before the evil spirits destroy his true love and all things existing in the world as he knows it?
A Celtic Lover’s Magic is a fantastic, heartrending and beautiful short story of how destiny leads two souls, which have been chosen from birth, to reunite and conquer the evil that threatens them.  Lisa Alexander Griffin has devised a well written tale, with strong, emotional characterization and a stimulating plot; wonderful for such a short tale. I will positively recommend this story to any reader who has a desire for a quick sensuous romance, in the genres of Paranormal, Supernatural, Fantasy, Erotica and Romance. I will be adding Lisa Alexander Griffin to my TBR pile for future reads.