Sunday, October 18, 2009
Title: Hex in High Heels
Author: Linda Wisdom39078288
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publisher’s Address:
ISBN:  978-1-4022-1819-4
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 324
Reviewed By: Amy J Ramsey/Ramsey’s Reviews/
Rating: 5 Stars
Blair and Staci are members in a covenant, consisting of 13 witches, who were the graduating class at the Witches Academy in the year 1313. When one, unknown witch, cast a curse on a nobleman’s son, the Headmistress banished the group to the mortal world for 700 years. Over the centuries, the witches have adapted and grown accustomed to their new realm, coexisting amongst the humans and other supernatural creatures that inhabit it. During their travels, Blair and Staci sensed a mystical power exuding from a lake, resembling the color of a moonstone gem. Feeling its magical pull, they knew this would be there home for many years to come and vowed to protect the lake, along with its surrounding area, from further development or destruction. This is how the Town of Moonstone Lake came to be.
In the present day, Blair and Staci are local shop owners and known around town for their witch abilities. Blair specializes in revenge spells, but only justifiable ones, and enjoys selling vintage items in her shop, “Blast from the Past”. Staci specializes in romance spells and is fond of matching lingerie with the perfect romance books in her shop “Isn’t It Romantic”.  Due to last Samhain ’s recent events between rogue fairies, determined to create total chaos and a jealous Cupid, seeking to even the score with Staci for intruding on his romantic turf, things had gotten extremely out of control. At least the floating hearts, hovering above Staci’s and Trev’s heads, have gone away.  Blair found out that her gorgeous, hunk of a handyman, Jake Harrison, is a were border-collie. She can accept that, if only Jake would recognize her desire to be more than just friends.
Jake Harrison is contempt living as a recluse in the Town of Moonstone Lake, working as the town’s handyman and roaming the woodland in his were form, but no one suspected the deep, dark secrets he suppressed within. Ever since he laid eyes on Blair, Jake was attracted to her witchy ways, luscious body and a strong sense she‘s his soul mate. Sadly, he is torn between not succumbing to the one woman who makes his beast go wild and risking her life by bringing her into his beastly family affairs. When Jack receives news that his devious and scheming mother is in town and his arrogant brother, is now the new owner of the Snow Farms Resort, he knew they were up to no good, but will Jake be prepared for treachery that awaits him?
Hex In High Heels is a remarkably thrilling and scrumptious read! Linda Wisdom possess an extremely elaborate imagination to have devised such an exciting and surreal tale. Her characters have continued to flourish throughout the Hex series, which connects perfectly with a rapidly moving and enthralling plot, leaving the reader yearning for more. If you love a little witty humor, yearn for unbridled desire and fascinated with supernatural beings, then the Hex series is a must read.