Saturday, November 28, 2009
Title: Bound by Blood bound by blood
Author: C.H. Scarlett
Publisher: Dark Roast Press
Publisher’s Address:
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy and Erotic Fiction EBook
Pages: 458
Price: $ 8.99
Reviewed By: Amy J Ramsey/Ramsey’s Reviews/
Rating: 5 Stars
In a time when the Ancient ways of the God and Goddess have long vanished, it is imperative that each female Vii, nearing the time of her Awakening, come before the Old Crone. The Crone has vowed to carry out a ritual, which will shed light on the meaning of their birthright, revealing the sacrifices made for them and all others. She will guide each child on a mystical journey, taking them back in time to a period known as “The Age of Dusk”, within a dimension called “TERAH”, a universe all its own, filled with an infinite amount of realms. For the child, there will be many revelations concerning their heritage, why their people relocated to Earth, and what happened to their own planet. They will also endure every emotion and every sensation felt by their ancestors, unable to change anything. For once it begins there is no stopping.
The Age of Dusk was a time of many prophecies and curses, an age where mortals and immortals lived together and the Good of Many Lights were constantly battling the Darkness of Evil. Evil lurks among the twelve bloodlines that existed, slowly corrupting the families within, turning them against the old ways. King Dias sets on the throne of Terah, representing the Strygi families, the Good of Many Lights. Samanthra Lampir, High Priestess of the bloodlines, is one of Dias’ many daughters and the only one he is concerned with, for, if she Awakens, she will bring forth a horrible prophecy, cursing them all to their doom. Because of this, Dias is insistent that Samanthra frequently consume a potion made to prevent her Awakening, but will it be enough to contain the Awakening residing inside of her or will a higher power dare to interfere with Dias’ intensions?
Samanthra is well- known for her mischievous and curious nature, always stumbling into trouble wherever she goes. It was only natural that Dias assumed she’s the one who brought forth an ominous and unfamiliar storm, which happens to mysteriously appear and heading straight toward the castle with an increasingly amount of deadly force. Furthermore, its timing could not be worse, since the festivities for Beal-Tene were already underway. Naturally, Samanthra could not resist the urge to uncover who or what was behind the source of the storm, oblivious to the fact she was about to encounter far more than she ever imagined.
C.H Scarlett has portrayed an impeccably flawless and exceptionally intricate work of fiction. The plot, characterizations and world building is brilliantly prepared and thought-out. While reading this story, BOUND by BLOOD, I experienced the intense, overpowering, passion hidden within its pages and even sensing the author’s zealous desire for her talent of writing. The penetrating attractions between the characters were overwhelmingly heartfelt. I will be looking forward to reading further books by C.H. Scarlett and will positively be recommending this story to any reader  who is interested in Paranormal, Fantasy and Erotic Fiction genres.