Thursday, May 27, 2010

Title: The Dream House ~ Visions and Nightmares
Author:  Victoria Roder
Publisher:  Asylett Press Publication
Publisher’s Address:
ISBN: e-book:1-934337-63-3/paperback: 1-934337-64-1
Genre: Paranormal. Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 170
Reviewed By: Amy J Ramsey/Ramsey’s Reviews/
Rating: 5 Stars

For the past several months, Hope Graham has been suffering from a series of reoccurring frightening nightmares of her old rental house her family once lived in when she was a child. Her visions of a woman in a white nightgown, that always ended up soaked in blood, along with the presence of a baby that turns to bones, keeps her awake at night. With the constant insomnia, Hope’s job is at risk at the Resource Center where she helps troubled families. If she doesn’t get herself under control soon, she will be out of a job. After an incident with one of the parents, her boss was nice enough to give her two weeks off, without pay. That’s when she decided to visit her older sister, Samantha, who lives near the house haunting her dreams, in hopes of putting a stop to whatever is summoning her and getting her life back on track.

After arriving at her sister’s house, Hope begins her investigation into the prior ownership of the mysterious old house. She plans to masquerade as a writer who is writing about haunted houses and conducting research to find out if anyone has witnessed strange happenings there. When she visit’s the bakery next door, Hope braves a glance at the house which appears exactly as in her dreams, a decrepit old shack looming over her. At least she doesn’t appear to be going crazy when she meets Brock, the owner of the Bakery. Who knew a Bakery man could look so handsomely yummy?  They have something else in common, besides being attracted to one another. Brock has also witnessed the apparition of the woman reaching out pleading for help, " Please help me, Please. Don’t you hear my children screaming "?

How will Hope solve the mysteries lingering within the sinister old house and bring an end to the horrible dreams that are haunting her at night? Will she be able to put to rest the ghostly woman and baby who are desperately pleading for someone to resolve the injustice that was committed against them?

The Dream House: Visions and Nightmares is an astounding, spine-tingling read that will capture the readers’ attention from the start, ensnaring them within its pages.  Victoria Roder has, without a doubt, created a flawless whodunit story, in addition to producing credible characters and a well-organized plot. The reader honestly will feel the immense sorrow and grief that Hope exhibits and the frustration of unknowingly repressing a part of her childhood from long ago. This e-book should come with a warning label: Readers will neglect there everyday activities once they begin this story.(I most certainly did) I recommend this story to anyone who loves a good haunted house mystery.