Friday, May 28, 2010
Title: Blue Moon
Author:  Kiyara Benoiti
Publisher:  Breathless Press
Publisher’s Address:
ISBN:  978-1-926771-13-7
Genre: Erotic Paranormal E-book
Pages: 7
Reviewed By: Amy J Ramsey/Ramsey’s Reviews/
Rating: 4

Being a witch doesn’t come easy for Anvahn, especially when she’s required to pay a substantial price, which usually involves some sort of sex act, for surpassing the use of her natural powers. Every year on All Hallows Eve, Anvahn makes her way to the boulder in the woods and waits for the sun to set and her foul retribution to begin. However, something is different this year. Could it be the effects of a blue moon or an unwanted familiar magic that intends to wreak havoc against her?

For a short story, Blue Moon is an intriguing prelude that will tease the reader, compelling them to want more of the story. I found myself frantic when I came to the end of this wee tale, not knowing what kind of adventure Anvahn will get herself into. Kiyara Benoiti has created an unusual world, enticing plot and promising character development. I would love to read more of Anvahn’s’ revengeful exploits and also observe how the characters flourish in the future. I recommend this short e-book to readers who love a great sexual tormenting.
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