Friday, March 11, 2011

Title: Grave Is The Day
Author: Michael Drakich
Publisher: kNight Romance Publishing
ISBN 13: 978-09813129707
ISBN 10: 0983129703
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 155
Reviewed by Amy J. Ramsey of Ramsey’s Reviews
Rating: 5 Blood Drops

The 1940’s; a time when mistrust and suspicion run rampant between Earth’s most powerful nations, and the United States and Soviet Union are competing against each other to be the first in space. They will soon learn that an alien race threatens their human existence and their differences as rivals will either cause Earth’s destruction or safeguard their survival.
When an alien spacecraft crashed landed on Earth, seven-year-old Justin Spencer, couldn’t believe his eyes. It wasn’t long before the military stormed in and confiscated the aliens and all the remnants of their spacecraft. However, before the military could apprehend the alien creature, Kraanox, Justin was able to show a sign of friendship by offering Kraanox a slice of his mother’s carrot cake, which the alien immediately became fond of. It was this significant event which sparked his passion that lead to his career path . . . to become a scientist.
First Lieutenant Wayne Bucknell was the commanding officer assigned to investigate the alien crash site and cover-up any knowledge of extraterrestrial life. Upon capture of the alien being, Wayne developed a trusting and strong connection with him, and in time, learned their alien language, as well as, vital information that may help the USA in the future. Kraanox informed Wayne of his planet’s dire need for minerals and of the chaos ensuing his race’s survival from their main threat, the Muurgu. If the Muurgu acquired access to any uranium or plutonium, all could be lost for both planets, Earth and Traanu. Grave is the Day when the Muurgu dominates all.
Grave Is The Day is a superb read! This story is a must read for all the science fiction, extraterrestrial lovers on Earth. The author, Michael Drakich, has embedded the code of morality and philosophical meaning deep within his characters, something we see so few of in our modern day life. The knowledge of how precious all life is and how powerful friendship can be, whether it’s here on Earth or in the heavens, it’s still something to be cherished. Michael Drakich takes the reader straight into the minds of his characters, developing them with each turning page. I admire how this author merged our world history with his imagination of an alien race and expanded upon a lot of “What If’s”. It truly made this a memorable story to read and add to one’s bookshelf. Although this story is Science Fiction, it’s a story I will be passing down to the younger generation in hopes they will learn and understand the meaning behind it. Grave Is The Day has earned my rating of 5 stars! Thank you Michael Drakich.


Michael Drakich said...

Hello Amy,

Thank you for the glowing review of my book, Grave Is The Day. I'm glad you found it compelling and the characters endearing.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks.