Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Title: Dark Stranger
Author: Desiree Holt
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Reviewer: Nefertari – Ramsey's Book Reviews
Rating of 5 Blood Drops!

Kelsey Bryant is a shape shifter who is taking a much needed vacation from her job as an investigator for The Sentinels, a mysterious security and protective agency. Her vacation turns from serene to sinful in one passion –filled night when she meets the equally mysterious, Mack Renfield. Kelsey’s vacation takes another turn when the tranquil town experiences a crime that brings back dark memories for the townspeople and she feels compelled to use her unique abilities to help. Between solving a crime and trying to figure out why Mack is pulling her toward him one moment and pushing her away the next, Kelsey’s vacation turns out to be anything but relaxing….

I think I can sum up how much I enjoyed this book in eight words: Where are the other books in this series?!? I inhaled this book in one sitting!!! I loved Kelsey as a heroine; she was strong, yet vulnerable. The author did an excellent job of showing how these two characteristics warred with each other as she tried to figure out why Mack was running hot and cold with her. I absolutely LUVVED how the explanation was revealed (no one will get a spoiler from me!). Mack is sexy, dark, brooding, playful, brooding (did I say that again? I adore a brooding man!) and he is the perfect partner for Kelsey. The mystery and suspenseful aspect of this book was carried over from a previous book (I am assuming) and I thought it was well-written and smart how the author made this a continuation of another crime. It makes me, as the reader, want to go find the other book and find out about the earlier tragedies that had taken place.

As always, I must comment on the erotic content and if everyone will wait a minute while I pick myself up off the floor, I will just say this: Well, what do you know? I’m speechless! The sex scenes were hot, scorching, on fire…and touching! I was pleasantly surprised at how the author managed to infuse not only chemistry but a connection between Kelsey and Mack in so short of time. I chalk this up to awesome writing!

My only complaint would be how neatly the mystery/crime was wrapped up, but it was a short story so I was not too upset. When it comes down to it, if anyone is interested in a book that is going to provide mystery, passion, amazing love scenes, and most importantly, love, please choose Dark Stranger! This one is guaranteed to fit the bill!