Saturday, August 14, 2010
Title: Devon Falls: Haunting Magic
Author: Raine Delight
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN #: 978-1-60168-250-5
Genre: Erotica Paranormal
Reviewed by: Nefertari
Rating: 4

Rodrick Dracon is a werewolf on the prowl who has the reputation
 In Devon Falls as a carefree playboy. He knows his days of
Debauchery are numbered if he does not find his mate and end up
 Spending the rest of his days as a lone wolf. Rodrick is shocked when
His “wolf” makes it plain his destined mate is none other than Jaxon “Jax” Sinclair. Jaxon is the only woman in Devon Falls who seems immune to his charm, mainly because she snarls at him every time she sees him. Rodrick knows they are meant to be mated, but he has to convince Jaxon that he is the man she is fated to love. Can he do it before he ends up alone forever? 

I really enjoyed this book! The story is set in a town that is shrouded in magic, history, and mystery. I just love when idyllic towns turn out to have still waters that run deep! The author created an atmosphere as a backdrop to the story that drew me in and made me want to pull up stakes and move to Devon Falls and find me a wolf of my very own!

Rodrick and Jaxon’s characters were very well developed, especially considering this was a short story. The well meaning nosiness of relatives and townspeople added humor and richness to the book.

I felt the sexual tension between Rodrick and Jaxon right from the start and loved the snappy and witty dialogue between them. Not only could I see the sparks leaping off the pages, but it was evident Rodrick was not going to be able to steamroll over Jaxon. I love a strong man, but an equally assertive woman makes the story scorching! Speaking of scorching…ahem…the love scene was, well, scorching! It was tastefully erotic with enough graphic words to make me blush, but not turn me off. If anything, I would have been a happy camper if the author could have slipped more than one in the story, but, oh well….

If I had to point out one aspect that bothered me it was that I felt like I was missing out on some information that may have been explained in the first book, as this was obviously not the first in a series. I would have liked to know some more about the other magical families, or were the werewolves the only ones left? I was not even sure if Jaxon knew Rodrick was a werewolf until the end because it was never made plain throughout the story if everyone in town knew about their “otherworldly” citizens. Other than this, I absolutely enjoyed reading this story and anyone looking for escape with some erotic paranormal action, pick up Devon Falls: Haunting Magic!!!