Friday, May 9, 2008

Title: Savage Scavenge
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
Publisher: Loose ID
Publisher’s Address: 1802 N Carson Street, Suite 212-2924
Reviewed by: Amy J Ramsey:
Genre: Adult e-book
Pages: 38
ISBN: 978-1-59632-687-3
Price: $ 3.99

In the year of 2072, Minneapolis, Minnesota has been divided into 3 different sectors. The first is A-Block and the citizens here are known to be wealthy and fortunate. The second section is B-Block and that is were the middle class citizens reside. The third area is C-Block and this is were the lower, unfortunate individuals live. The people that you find living in this area are either allies or enemies. C-Block is also where the "gifted" ones reside, they are known as Mutes. Mutes have developed different abilities; some can fly, climb walls, teleport or even disrupt air.

The Upper-classes acknowledge them as retarded, but not dangerous and disregard them as part of their society. The Government try's to keep tabs on all the "gifted" ones and has even gone to the extensiveness of adding a chemical contraceptive to the cities water supply that inhibits the women from ovulating and not being able to reproduce unless the Government approves of it first. The Government does not want to mix their human genetics with the "gifted" ones. C-Block has numerous underground facilities that house doctors and clinics to provide aide for the injured or sick Mutes. The doctors keep the "gifted" ones identity safe from the Government.

Dr. Gladys Lodes works in the Underground clinic. She resides in B-Block, but would like to move to C-Block so she could be closer to the clinic and her patients. The Mutes in the area stereo-type her as being a snob because she was raised in the upper class, and they found some way to prevent her from moving.

When a stranger, Jaz, crashes though her patio door and rushes her out of the apartment, Gladys thinks their is an emergency and someone is in need of her help. She shortly realizes that Jaz, who is a Mute, tricked her because she was an item on his list he had to acquire. Gladys decides to even out the score with some of her own trickery. Can they both get past their arrogance to realize they can benefit from each other?

MaryJanice Davidson is an excellent writer, full of humor and imagination. This is an interesting story and I would love to read further into its development.

MaryJanice Davidson is the award-winning author of the Undead series, the Mermaid series and the Alaskan Royals series. You can keep updated on her new release by visiting her web site at