Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Title: In the Cards
Author: Liz Andrews
Publisher: Loose Id LLC
Publishers Address: 1802 Carson Street, Suite 212-2924
Carson City, NV 89701
ISBN: 978-1-59632-707-8
Genre: Adult Paranormal e-book
Pages: 110
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Amy J Ramsey;

Josie Weston is determined to make a prosperous future for herself. She will be graduating from college with her business degree in several weeks and she has a wonderful job at a health food café that she adores. Rayne, her boss and friend, is an outstanding and good natured person. Josie was elated to hear that Rayne intended to expand the café into a full fledged restaurant because she wanted to buy into the business as a partner. Josie soon dashed all hopes of becoming a partner when Forrest, Rayne’s brother, started working there.

From the first time Josie met Forrest she disliked him, but she felt a compelling attraction to him, with his muscular build, olive toned skin and those gorgeous grey eyes. Josie had no intentions of being distracted from her dreams. He was destroying all her plans for her future as a partner. Rayne would not need her since he was there. Josie thought that he was a charlatan because he traveled around to different places reading peoples fortunes with tarot cards.

What Forrest is keeping secret is why he is working at the café with his sister, Rayne. Forrest has the ability to see the future; he hides it by fortune telling. One of his visions was that his sister was in trouble and needed his help. Soon after that vision was another vision of a beautiful woman on her knees succumbing to his desires. That’s when he met Josie.

When Josie lost a bet at work to Forrest, she had to do his bidding for one day. That was when he received another vision. He saw a stranger stalking Josie while she attended a class at college. Forrest warned her about the stalker and told her she was in danger. He trusted her with his secret, that he was a clairvoyant and that his family members had different paranormal abilities. She disbelieved him at first and thought he was just joking, but she soon found out otherwise.

Forrest finds himself trying to protect Josie from a psycho that wants to kill her out of a jealous rage. Will there uncontrollable passion and desire for each other be able to endure this traumatic experience? Josie can’t help to think what will happen when Forrest’s job is done here. Will he return to his traveling carnival or stay and take away her opportunity to further her career?

In the Cards is a romantic and sensual read. The plot and character development comes together smoothly. I personally enjoyed reading this story. I definitely would recommend "In the Cards" to readers interested the genre of adult erotic with paranormal romance.

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