Friday, December 18, 2009
Title: Winner Takes All
Author: Sandra Sookoo
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
Publisher’s Address:
ISBN:  978-1-936000-16-6
Genre: Historical Romance, Short Story, EBook
Pages: 95
Reviewed By: Amy J Ramsey/Ramsey’s Reviews/
Rating: 5 Stars
Miss Lillian “Lily” Henderson prides herself on being an intellectual, possessing great skills for politics and analytical research, she relishes a pleasant debate among any individual who shows the same interests. Unfortunately, in the year 1904, Lady’s of her age are pressured by society to acquire a husband, produce children and fulfill their housewifely duties. Lily refuses the notion of marriage, not wanting to give up her dreams of becoming a scholar or even a teacher of politics, but in this age there’s no equal rights for women or children, so she opts for protesting against immoral activities, which has branded her as a trouble maker.
Christopher Farnsworth has returned home from the military to manage his father’s factory. As a well structured and highly sophisticated man, Christopher has no intentions of relinquishing his bachelor lifestyle. Unbeknownst to him, his Aunt Zelma has thought out a scheme to remedy his situation. Zelma is known for her quirky, yet witty nature and has raised her nephew, Christopher, since the day he was abandoned by his parents. When Zelma issued a letter to her dear friend requesting a gathering for several young people, her plan was set into motion.
After reluctantly agreeing to attend her mother’s dinner party, it was just a matter of time before disaster struck for Lily.  What was supposed to be a friendly gathering turned out dreadfully chaotic. As if losing her best friends’ engagement ring in a huge pot of soup was not horrible enough, Lily had to embarrass her parents further by accepting a wager from Christopher, a man she didn’t know, but was instantly enticed by his masculine features. Both Lily’s and Christopher’s competitiveness leads to higher stakes and embarrassing consequences, but will they be able to withstand the immense passion and desire rising within them? Or will they be able to see through the ruse Zelma has set for them?
Winner Takes All is absolutely the most charming and pleasantly amusing story by far. The characters exuded vibrant and flamboyant emotions, the plot flowed perfectly throughout the story and the setting was realistically depicted. The increasing passion between Lily and Christopher is emotionally intense and the overall story has plenty of humor. Sandra Sookoo has composed a magnificent and breathtaking love story of two, very intelligent and strong willed individuals, who would not have given love a chance if fate did not lend a hand. Winner Takes All by Sandra Sookoo will certainly be recommended to any reader who is passionate about historical romance genre.