Thursday, May 14, 2009

Title: Wild Highland Magic

Author: Kendra Leigh Castle

Publisher: Source Books Casablanca

Publisher's Address:

ISBN: 978-1402218569

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shape-Shifters

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Amy J Ramsey;

Born as the only male in a tribe of blood-drinking sorceresses, known as the Dyadd, Bastian's life has never been easy. Unfortunately, when he encounters his father for the first and last time, Bastian discovers how problematic and challenging his life will soon become. His father, Adryn, is an Athin; they are known for being powerful ice mages and for their abilities to bend time and space to their will. Adryn informed Bastian that, as his only heir and the last of their kind, he has came to pass on their legacy, but along with it comes their curse, bestowed upon their kind by a vengeful, blood thirsty Daemon King, Cadmus. The curse is known as the narial, a soul-eating shadow creature that hates and destroys everything that is beautiful and pure, slowly devouring the soul of its victims, ultimately resulting in their death.

Since obtaining this horrifying curse, Bastian has learned to guard his emotions, but in doing so has alienated himself from his family, friends and potential relationships. His main objective is to seek a way of breaking his curse or destroy the narial before it has a chance to destroy him. Bastian's quest leads him to Lucien Andrakkar, a feisty, stubborn and sarcastic dragon shifter. And of course, with Bastian's kind of luck, Lucien is being held captive by the Daemon. Daemons are known for being flesh-eating sorcerers that cannot tolerate sunlight; they specialize in curses and are keen on torturing their enemies to death. Lucien is hidden deep within the lair of the Blighted Kingdom and has, thus far, suffered a year of torture. Bastian is capable of realm hopping, traveling to other worlds in the blink of an eye and was able to rescue Lucien from the depths of his prison. Bastian needs Lucien's blood in order to gain strength to defeat the narial, but it has to be freely given and Lucien's fragile and broken body needs to be healed before doing so.

No matter what choices Bastian makes, it seems to lead him further into disaster. Not only is he dealing with a grouchy, pompous and arrogant dragon on the edge of death, but he chose to hide Lucien amongst his enemies, known as the Arukhin, a pack of shape-shifting were-wolves. When Duncan, the pack's Alpha, introduced Bastian to his niece, Catriona, his predicament went from bad to worse. The extremely intense and hypnotic, sexual connection Bastian and Cat experience will ultimately bind them together as true mates for life. Bastian's strength is rapidly decreasing, while the narial is lurking in the shadows waiting for the opportunity to fulfill the curse by feeding from Bastian's happiness, devouring his soul in the process. Bastian has to find a way to save himself and his true mate, but will he be able to persuade a stubborn old dragon into offering him his blood? And will it be the cure that is needed to finally end four generations of his families curse?

Wild Highland Magic is a well written, intoxicating read. I was completely engrossed within the pages of the story and was impressed by the depth of description and sense of emotions, vividly expressed by the author. Mrs. Kendra Leigh Castle has created a remarkable, fascinating and enjoyable story that any reader will gain a sense of satisfaction from reading. I definitely recommend this book.