Friday, July 24, 2009
Title: Eternally His EternallyHis-250
Author: Carol North
Publisher: Class Act Books
Publishers Address:
ISBN: 978-1-935048-26-8
Genre: Romance, Time Travel and Paranormal
Reviewed By: Amy J Ramsey;
Rating: 5 Stars
Erica Peterson has became part owner of her parents business, Belle’s Bridal Salon, a 19th century Victorian mansion that’s been passed down throughout her family’s history and renovated into a Bridal Salon by her mother, before Erica was born. Since her parent’s retirement, Erica has been given full command over the business, along with her proficient staff. Erica recently took out a huge loan to remodel the Salon and it’s essential that this upcoming bridal season is profitable in order for her to pay off the loan, quickly. The problem is, there have been some eerie and bizarre occurrences going on in the Salon and Erica’s staff are suspecting it’s paranormal, but Erica is skeptical, until she spotted the mysterious Victorian bridal gown in her store front window.
When the burglar alarm suddenly went off at the salon, Detective Grant Stewart was sent to investigate. As he and Erica greeted each other, they both experienced déjà vu along with an unexplained passionate yearning towards each other, and soon after, the paranormal activities increase around them. Not only was the ghostly Victorian gown seen, but now it was being worn by an apparition, resembling a lady with red hair and green eyes, levitating several feet above the floor. Erica needs to rid the Salon of this Victorian ghost Bride, quickly, before she looses all her clientele and her business too. But some strange force is pulling Erica and Grant together, could the increasing emotions between these two have something to do with the ghost? Could they be soul mates and destined to be together?
Eternally His is a spectacular, charming and entertaining story of how true love knows no bounds, surpassing time, space, past and present, in order to find its soul mate. Carol North has successfully expressed heartfelt emotions through her characters, along with a perfectly developed plot, turning this dazzling story into a thrilling and sensational read! I have added Mrs.. North onto my definite author’s to buy list. I recommend this to any reader who loves romance, time travel and paranormal genres. A must read!!!


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