Saturday, July 19, 2008
Title: A Twist of Fate
Author: Karen Michelle Nutt
Publisher: Tease Publishing
Publishers Add: Swansboro, North Carolina 28584-0234
Authors Web Site:
ISBN: 978-1-934678-91-6
Price: $ 4.99
Genre: Paranormal, Time-Travel, Historical Romance E-Book
Page Count: 168
Publication Date: June 2008
Rating: 5 Stars

Arianna Ward is known for her humane, compassionate, and sincere qualities, she also possesses strong determination and stubbornness. In the Present Day, Arianna is a successful music teacher who loves to play the piano. The majority of her spare time is occupied helping the Historical Society by researching new events, unfortunately, her hectic work schedule does not leave her any time to pursue a relationship, let alone search for her soul mate.
While visiting a fortuneteller at a carnival, Arianna receives an eerie premonition. The fortuneteller tells her "Time has a way of sorting out mistakes, she belongs to Blue Run and her destiny intertwines with his. She will meet a man with the blackest of hair and green cat-like eyes; he is called the "Scotsman". Trust him for he will protect you, he may feel mistrust for you because of the other woman’s black heart, but in time, he will see you for who you really are. He’s your soul mate". Then Arianna was stuck in the head by a wooden beam when the building collapsed.

Arianna woke up to find herself in an unfamiliar place and time with people she did not recognize. She has no memory of who she was before the accident; all she’s able to recall is her name, but everyone is claiming that she is Annabelle and that she is married to Captain Keldon Buchanan. Arianna has no prior remembrances of her husband, Keldon, but once she gazes upon his strong build, handsome-rugged features and green cat-like eyes, she feels an immense connection towards him and she yearns for his touch.

For reasons unknown to Arianna, Keldon despises and distrusts her, and she wonders what transgressions she has done to him in the past for him to feel that way towards her. In the process of searching for whom she once was Arianna is appalled to learn that she is known as a malicious, deceitful and menacing person. To make things even worse, she’s also an adulteress and a potential murderer. Arianna knows in her heart she is not that person and she’s determined to amend her wicked ways of her past.

Keldon possesses his own secret, one that could mean life or death for both him and his crew members. He is known as the "Scotsman", a Highland Pirate. Keldon chose to become a pirate due to his wife’s nefarious ways, but he realizes something is amiss shortly after Annabelle’s head injury. It’s like she is a different person, one that he is falling passionately in love with. Will Keldon be able to accept that Annabelle is no longer among them or will he see it as a one of Annabelle’s malicious traps, just to torture him once more? Fate brought them together, but can their love survive their past transgressions?

A Twist of Fate is a superbly written romantic love tale. I immensely enjoyed reading this book. Karen Michelle Nutt has vividly and emotionally wrote the plot and characters in a way that the reader will become enveloped, captivated and entranced in the story. I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about historical romance, time-travel genres.

Karen Michelle Nutt is an avid reader of history, romance, and the paranormal; she tends to combine the three in her writings. She lives in California with her husband, three fascinating children, a dog, named Shakespeare, and three cats that have everyone well trained. She enjoys travel, old movies, books, and a chance to weave a tale. For more information about Karen Michelle Nutt and her upcoming releases, visit her web site at