Monday, January 11, 2010

To the Readers: This review does not even begin to describe Creighton Manor to the fullest. It’s one of the best stories that I had the pleasure to review. Karen Michelle Nutt did an extraordinary job.
 Title:  Creighton Manor
Author: Karen Michelle Nutt
Publisher: Tease Publishing LLC
Publisher’s Address:
ISBN:  978-1-60767-069-8
Genre: Time Travel Romance, Adult, EBook
Pages: 183
Reviewed By: Amy J Ramsey/Ramsey’s Reviews/
Rating: 5 Stars
Gillian Metcalf has been troubled for years by the same reoccurring dream which has grown more persistent as her wedding day approaches. These passionate visions are insistent that her true soul mate exists, whether in the here and now or in a past life, and he is out there, waiting for her. What’s frustrating her most, Gillian doesn't know who her soul mate is, his features are always hazy, his touch is familiarly tender, but the words he expresses are foreign to her. As soon as she hears this endearment, “Gra Mo Chroi“, Gillian will know for certain she has found her true mate, unfortunately it’s not the man she is soon to marry. 
Gillian could no longer deny the sense of importance emanating from these dreams and decided to cancel her marriage to Jerry, an all around perfect guy. Wanting time to reflect on what she had done, Gillian kept her honeymoon reservations aboard the Queen Mary, a ship renowned for its ethereal phenomenon and invited her best friend, Samantha to join her. In route to the pier, where the Queen Mary is permanently docked, Gillian nearly ran over a dog, darting out in front of her SUV. She noticed it’s the same dog, Molly, which has appeared to her several times before and always seems to want her to follow. But why or was she truly going crazy?
The events that follow mystify and astonish Gillian, but it’s not the misunderstanding with her reservations or the fact that she was offered a haunted room and compensated with a ghostly tour package that caught her attention. It was what she discovered in her room among the artifacts of the Ida Belle, a picture of a familiar dog, taken in the 1800’s. She had no time to ponder, at that moment she came face to face with the mysterious dog in question and before she knew it she passed out. When she woke, Gillian was no longer aboard the Queen Mary, but afloat onboard the Ida Belle and in an unfamiliar room with a strange, but gorgeous man asleep in the bed.
Years after his father lost the family estate in a gambling event, Zachary Creighton has become obsessed with winning Creighton Manor back from the man who now owns it, Cyrus Locke. But fate will soon turn his life’s strategy upside down when a beautiful and practically naked woman appears in his room. After being forced to marry each other, their lives have forever changed. Will Gillian come to terms with her true emotions, even if it means not finding her true soul mate? Or will time reclaim Gillian before she realizes what she truly wants? Will Zachary be able to put aside his obsession and accept what he feels deep within his heart? And is the mysterious dog somehow connected to them?
Creighton Manor is an incredibly heartwarming and fantastic love story that has been magically brought to life by the rich and vibrant words of Karen Michelle Nutt. Yet again, Karen Michelle Nutt has envisioned a spectacular tale that will charm any reader, captivating them with the multiple twists and turns within the story line. The unspoken passion between Gillian and Zachary will leave the reader breathlessly anticipating the end, devouring each and every page.  I most definitely will recommend Creighton Manor to anyone who has a love for reading.